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2016 – A Year in Review

In Expat Musings by Stacy

2016 was a year full of adventure. Instead of a boring, long recap I’ve attempted a poem. I apologize in advance.

Our 2016 Travel Poem

Castles, waterfalls, and rainbows galore.

Cars, trains, planes, taxis, trams, overnight ferries, and more.

Caves and mountain tops. Joyful smiles, crocodile tears.

Rickety rope bridges, conquering fears.

Skiing with barely any snow.

Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Montenegro.

Eight new countries, gorgeous landscapes.

Lots of bruises and even more scrapes.

New drone, another broken iPhone.

Cornwall at low-tide,

a Madeira street sled ride.

Jousts and knights, more sword fights.

Thursford’s Christmas lights.

Shakespeare’s hometown, Giant’s Causeway;

many of these visited in less than a day.

Fjords and trolls, a castle with a dragon—

didn’t jump on that Pokemon bandwagon.

Feet in the sand, fun rides at Thomas Land.


That’s all. I think. Maybe?

No more poems, I promise!

It’s been a fantastic year! We attempted skiing in the Czech Republic, crossed a snowy mountain border into Poland, and checked out the Christmas markets in Prague. We made a whirlwind visit to the U.S. with some beach time in Florida. We drove from Bergen to Oslo (Norway) in March and visited Croatia (Dubrovnik and Krka and Plitvice) in April. We spent the summer exploring National Trust and English Heritage locations across the UK. Cornwall was spectacular. Then we had a baby (!!!) went to London in September and  Northern Ireland in October. And we escaped a gloomy November with a sunny trip to Madeira (Portugal). And I still haven’t written about half of it. Thanks for following along with our family this year. We hope we’ve inspired you to risk some crazy family adventures of your own in 2017!

Check out the video below with snapshots from all our 2016 adventures!