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I’m a Travel Mama!

In Dover, England, ReasonMyKidsWereCrying by Stacy

A “Travel Mama” you ask? Why yes. You’re looking at a new contributor to one of the most popular family travel blogs: I’m their “Restless Travel Mama” (scroll down that link, my bio is the final one) and you’ll be seeing my first contributed post in the near future!

If you ask me, it’s a partnership made in blogging heaven. Want a funny or heartwarming story about family travel? You know where to find me. Remember that time my son tried to pee on Stonehenge? Well, read it about it here.

Want help with a fool-proof packing list for your next big trip? Travel Mamas has you covered with an array of packing lists for all ages and occasions.

Want excellent tips for taking a cruise with kids? The Spunky Travel Mama has 12 great tips.

Are you considering a road trip with your kids? The Travel Mamas have your safety and sanity covered.

Need a nice dose of reality, with pictures a plenty, of the nitty-gritty of family travel? I promise not to disappoint. Ever wonder how a child could go from screaming angry to insanely happy in less than a second? My children are masterful at this. Lately, though, the understandable overtired/overwhelmed meltdowns have been replaced by the “you’re not doing what I want so I’m going to scream and make a scene until you do” tantrums. My oldest understands that making a scene is most effective when there are lots of people around. The three-year-old below obviously hasn’t figured out the importance of having an audience for his fits. There was quite literally no one else for at least a mile that day at the White Cliffs of Dover.White Cliffs of Dover crying kids child England, restless travel mama

What caused that awful face? He’d figured out how to rock his awesome backpack carrier and daddy told him to stop. You know, rolling down the cliffs might sound really cool to a child but mommy and daddy had other ideas.happy child white cliffs dover family travel osprey carrier, England, Restless Travel mama

And bam! Now he’s smiling. His way too nice dad compromised and offered to put the daredevil back on his shoulders and then jump up and down.Husband photographer dover cliffs osprey carrier family travel, England, Restless Travel Mama

I missed the crazed jumping and galloping shot, but I did snap this picture. My amazing husband can lug 50 pounds of backpack and child while traversing cliffs on a two-mile super windy hike. Yup, pretty impressive. And his child negotiation skills are second to none as evidenced by those before and after shots above.

But back to my original point. Fun travel stories from yours truly at Strollering the Globe. Great travel advice from the Travel Mamas’ experts. It doesn’t get much better than that!