Trains, Tears, and Temper Tantrums

In ReasonMyKidsWereCrying by Stacy

What? My kids cried while traveling with their grandparents?! Imagine that. The Tattletale was our big winner of the “totally losing it in public for no reason award” on our whirlwind London tour. She was overtired and kept it together on the tube ride into the city and on the walk past Big Ben. But as we headed towards Westminster Abbey she completely lost her cool. She sat on the back of the stroller wailing at the top of her lungs as we approached the entrance to the Abbey.

Reason my child was crying at Westminster Abbey? She wanted to go run at “a park” and she was way overtired…  IMG_7001

The Tattletale also was the reason for our “Cry Competition” on our Brugge Adventure. The winner of the Cry Competition would be the child who cried THE LEAST over the course of our 2.5 day trip. As we arrived at the train station early that first morning, Tattletale went into full temper tantrum in seconds when she realized we’d modified the front of the stroller. Daddy had to carry her all the way to the train and hold her until the train pulled up because she was so worked up. Her brothers, excited by their early lead in the Cry Competition, showed signs of holding it together all the way to Brugge.

However, the Temper decided to join Tattletale at the bottom with an epic tantrum as we went to get off the Eurostar in Brussels. Apparently he’d misplaced a sticker as we gathered our things to leave, and he was inconsolably angry. Super angry. Grandpa carries you off the train screaming with everyone watching and then you proceed to lay on the ground and kick your legs kind of angry. Here he is in the final stages with his stomping and jumping.

Reason my child was crying at the Brussels train terminal? He couldn’t find his sticker. IMG_7002 If you look closely, you’ll see a small sticker on his shirt. It turned out that was the sticker he had misplaced…  There were so much more whining and crying on this trip that I actually lost track. What I can tell you conclusively is that Diaper Baby won the crying competition. I think he cried three times total and all for legitimate reasons.